Artbitat is the world's first genuine global online art platform and network with some of the coolest and handpicked artists, art lovers, and influencers. We have some of the most amazing artists in the world and the list is growing continuously. It was founded by Alexander Wallestam, serial entrepreneur and creator of Massfluencer, and Kristian Schmidt, award-winning international photographer with exhibitions at Milk Studios in New York, Art Basel Miami, the Cannes Film Festival, Opera Gallery London, and Art Monaco.

Our vision is to support the artist community and to make the world more artistic and beautiful by decorating every home with authentic art on the walls. We offer people affordable art created by famous and up-and-coming artists, rather than them buying cheap, factory-designed posters without artistic vision, passion, or story.

  • Alexander Wallestam


  • Kristian Schmidt

    Founder, Head of Content

  • Alex Colard


  • Miriam Balegh


  • Valeria Wasstedt

    Director of Finance

  • Jahongir Mirzoev

    Global Head of Relationships

  • Niklas Marmheden

    Global Director of Art

Company information

Artbitat AB
Husarviksgatan 16
115 47 Stockholm

VAT-number: SE5592877970001