Collezione: CAROLINE

Caroline loves being creative and a little quirky, she thinks it’s important to leave the serious world for a little while, the fantasy of art is a perfect place to be in.

She works on different themes from time to time. For example, with her owls, fantasy faces (mostly women), or trees. She loves to reuse old vintage frames and other materials for her artwork. Her signature is strong colors and layer-upon-layer technique using paint such as Acrylic, Pastel, Ink, Mixed media & media; gold leaf, on materials like Acrylic Paper, Canvas, Metal, Wood, etc.

Caroline is experimenting with different prints on her artwork into bags (you can see a picture of Caroline and one of her bags in the photo next to this text)

Examples from earlier exhibitions:

- "Konstvågen”; in the Gothenburg Archipelago, almost every year since 2014  ongoing..

- Gallery “Englesson” in Vasastaden/Gothenburg, July 2022

  • Participating in the book “Nordic and the art magazine ”Artist closeup”
  • Participated in the “Charity Art Expo” exhibition at Sergel Hub in Stockholm in December 2023.

Next project is to participate in an exhibition in Majorna in Gothenburg in June 2024, together with two other artist friends.

You can make contact with Caroline on her website “Ugglepost” ( or on her Instagram account @studiocarolines – she would love to get in touch with you! 

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