I was born in Milan, Italy. I grew up in South Africa from the age of 7 to 18. I then left in search of brighter lights and different journeys. I lived and played in London for 2 years and then moved to New York.

I have lived in New York ever since. I worked for several years as a commercial photographer and enjoy a very successful and dynamic career. I worked with several famous musicians and celebrities along the way and travel the world still with passion and inspiration. I migrated towards my focused passion as an artist and now focus primarily on that and I am currently working towards a huge global show of my new and what I have been told, unique creations.

This new work taps into my colorful 25 years of learning and discovering techniques from both digital/new technologies to the use of light and analogue techniques like painting, sculpture and embroidery. This is a very exciting and inspiring time in my career. I still love photography and will always have a camera glued to my one hand.