Collection: ALEX COLARD

Painter, visual artist, and event organizer, Alex Colard has been living in Stockholm since 2017. He started his company Enskild Firma when he arrived in Sweden. He was born in France in 1985 and moved to New York when he was twenty years old. He lived there for eleven years and received his art degrees from Parsons The New School, New York, USA, and from Ecole Bellecour, Lyon, France.

Alex had 39 exhibitions in the past 7 years, he is the founder and organizer Charity Art Expo twice a year, where 90+ exhibitors, singers, dancers, fashion designers gather for one day to benefit various fondations, such as UNICEF, WWF, Barncancerfonden etc…

Colard’s artistry is characterized by his personal life chapters, his past in architecture, and his fascination for ancient civilizations. Through its unique combination of computer sculpture and painting, he creates a multidimensional universe, a sophisticated borderland between minimalist and conceptual art.

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